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A month has passed since I finished the 31 in 31 project, and after some – after my standards – incredible attention, things have died out. I thought it would be interesting for some people to see what brought in most people to read about and play my games.

So here are some screenshots!

Bitly stats
Bitly stats for all the games

Compare this to the stats from the original post, where the peak was 90 plays in one day. Here the peak is 2.5k. Insane.

On reddit, I posted to r/indiegaming and r/games. Both got around 70 upvotes, and especially r/games brought in a TON of people.


The “twitter”-peak was when Sophie Houlden, Rami Ismail, Zoe Quinn, Rob from retroremakes and a bunch of others went into a “fuck cliques, we’ll share everything”-mode, and also shared my games. Although this didn’t bring in as many people as the others, this was the most exciting, because some of those people are my idols, and because it brought people to my twitter. More specifically game-dev people, which is double awesome.

I put my original blog post with a few corrections on gamasutra, and it got featured (which means front page + social media shares), and then a couple of days later, indiegamescom put it on their front page as well. There were probably more people who saw the blog post on gamasutra and indiegamescom than the stats show, since these stats only show who clicked on to my blog.

Wordpress stats
WordPress stats

It’s interesting to note the “views on blog –> game plays”-conversion rate. Even though an equal amount of people came from twitter and gamasutra, people who came from gamasutra played the games more. Also, the people from reddit played the games the least out of everyone.

Top refferals
Top referrals

And lastly, here is the list of the sites who brought most people (there’s a ton of sites referring something like 1-3 people). The clicks from youtube were all from this russian video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z51mKRRYBdI


In news for people who want to hear me talk: I was interviewed by the guy from Brackeys (he makes awesome Unity tutorials) and it should be up today or next sunday or some sunday in the future.

I have started working on my next project, but I probably won’t post any pics or anything from it for a long while though. Elevator pitch: it’s kind of a 2D-abstract-version of Proteus with a heavy focus on interaction. No islands though.