A zeppelin full of games

I feel so real now. So hip, so cool with the cool peeps. I have a blog. [blaurwwwgg]

I feel weird writing this to NO ONE.

But anyway, I made this blog primarily to have a place to post my final reflections on a project I finished 4 days ago: making 31 games in 31 days. I wrote a lot about that on tigsource, and a few people checked some of the games out and told me that “all your ideas so far are really interesting” and “wtf is this i cuold make a game like that in a day” and my brothers liked the games, and my parents told me they were impressed.

I also made the blog, because all the people on the internet keep saying that if you want any publicity, you should make a blog. So I did. Happy?

And one guy on reddit said that he would like a full list of the games in the end, so I am also posting that here.

First, I’ll copy the description of the games from tigsource to separate posts on the blog. EDIT: nah, I won’t do that. It takes way too much time.

Then I’ll write the reflections and make the list. Then I’ll link to the blog in different places. If you’re reading this, all that will already have happened.


2 thoughts on “A zeppelin full of games

  1. Well you wrote this to at least one person. I really think that your quest for 31 games in 31 days is freaking awesome and inspirational to other developers. I couldn’t have it. Thanks for making all this as public as possible so that I could see it!

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